Take a long bath

April 05, 2020

Picture of woman in bath tub

Longer sunny days began to weigh, the branches of the trees are full of delicate and tiny flowers, the bushes have started to bloom with buds, and the small meadow flowers and daffodils have been singing an ode to spring for a while. At a time when we're supposed to be awakened, we are wrapped in a coat of uncertainty, and would rather sleep for another month, waking up in a sounder tomorrow.
Our skin has lost its radiance due to the dry air and absence of sun and is either too dry or too bland. So what can we do to make it look healthier and soft again? Without any regret, pour a full tub of water and pamper yourself with a glass of wine, tea or freshly squeezed ginger lemonade, prepare a playlist of your favorite songs, or choose a poetry book.
Indulge in a water bath that will relax your muscles, spirits and calm your thoughts.
We took a little peek into grandmother's notebooks and found some recipes in which women in the old days practiced weekly.
We selected three lovely baths, and we endorse all of them.

Picture of woman in bath tub

Cleopatra milk bath
You need:
2 cups powdered milk (goat, cow, or buttermilk)
1/2 ounce sandalwood essential oil or any other fragrance you prefer
1 cup of sea salt
Mix everything well in a bowl.
For your bath, add a half cup or so to briskly running bath water and enjoy a soothing soak. Salt is included in the recipe, but it's optional, the main point here is the milk. The salt will help you with cleansing and the oils will help you to relax.

Picture of woman in bath tub

Essential oils bath
Essential oil baths are mostly all about mood, so finding the right formula is all about your vibes. If you feel down, choose something soothing like lavender, rose, ylang-ylang, or bergamot oils, if you need something to pick you up, try a citrus oil like lemon or sweet orange. Essential oils should always be mixed with a carrier oil like jojoba, almond or sunflower before added to the water. 

Put 10-15 drops of essential oil into 0,5dl of carrier oil and pour it into your bath. Enjoy the aromatherapy created by evaporation and relax. 

Picture of woman hands in bath tub

Oatmeal bath
1 cup of oats
1 cup of Epsom salt
2 Tablespoons dried rose petals
2 Tablespoons dried lavender, sage or rosemary

Epsom salt provides a whole host of benefits and will help you with muscle recovery, wound healing and circulation. The dried lavender, sage, rosemary, and rose petals all have skin-soothing benefits, and they also provide a lovely fragrance.
If you don't want to kill your ZEN vibe, put everything into a muslin or a cotton pouch, or you will not be very satisfied with cleaning up your bathtub. Place oats in a blender or food processor and process for 20-30 seconds until oats turn into oat flour. Add salt, processed oats, rose petals and dried lavender into a mixing container. Toss to combine. Put the mixture into a muslin bag, pull the drawstring, submerge the bag into the warm water and let it steep like a teabag. And now, you are ready to take your bath.

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