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COLLECTION SET - Complete routine (Save 20%)

€389.00 €486.00

A luxurious gift or a perfect indulgement for yourself. Flower and Spice began as—and remains—a labor of love for the human body and the planet. We create each formula from the beginning to the end to ensure the highest level of efficacy and well-being. With the collection set you receive all 5 Flower and Spice products at a reduced price for a perfect home spa experience! 

Trust your instincts, bring nature back into your daily life. 

 + gift - organic cotton hairband

SOOTHE AND REPAIR daily moisturiser 60ml

ROSE & CORIANDER with prickly pear and aloe vera

A multitasking moisturiser worth its weight in gold. Prickly pear oil is rich in antioxidants that help combat free radical damage and encourage cell renewal. Coriander seed oil along with the calming infusion of oat oil, aloe vera and rose water work to soothe sensitive skin prone to dryness and inflammation.

MIDNIGHT BEAUTY rich revitalising serum 30ml

ROSE & CORIANDER with 10 harmonising oils

With a powerful combination of nature’s most effective plant oils, Midnight Beauty Rich Revitalizing Serum penetrates deeply overnight to nourish your skin. Its anti-aging properties work with your body’s natural rhythms to brighten, improve fine lines and wrinkles and replenish skin’s moisture balance. This glorious cocktail contains 10 super-charged oils which prove that less is sometimes definitely more. Less fillers, less parabens, less things we really don't need.

INSTANT GLOW calming exfoliator 120ml

LAVENDER & FENNEL with AHA fruit acids

Instant Glow relies on nature to reveal your inner radiance. A mild, creamy exfoliator formulated with bamboo stem particles and enzymatic AHA fruit acids to gently slough away the dull, dry upper layer of skin cells. Enriched with grape seed oil and shea butter to moisturise the skin and infused with antioxidant rich essential oils of lavender and fennel seed for their antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory circulatory increasing properties. Allows for active ingredients in subsequent products to be readily absorbed and thus more effective.

PRISTINE brightening essence 50ml

LAVENDER & FENNEL with 7 Bioactive Plant Extracts

In the pristine waters of a mountain stream, we are reminded of the power of nature to balance and to revive. Indulge your skin in nature’s purity and reclaim luminosity, brightness and youthful radiance. Infused with 7 rare and potent bioactive plant extracts harvested at high altitude, Pristine Brightening Essence works to naturally impact uneven skin tone, resulting in a brighter, more luminous complexion.

BEAUTY MASQUERADE clay mask 100ml / 65g

HIBISCUS & TURMERIC with panax ginseng

Beauty Masquerade lifts the senses and gently removes impurities, revealing a glowing complexion. Rhassoul clay detoxifies pores without drying skin as white kaolin clay whisks away dullness, leaving even sensitive skin petal-soft and smooth. Hibiscus—known as the “Botox plant”— improves skin elasticity, evens the look of skin tone, and delivers powerful antioxidants. Anti-inflammatory turmeric root reduces redness, calming blemishes, and skin upset as it brightens the dark spots that come from sun damage.

COLLECTION SET - Complete routine (Save 20%)

€389.00 €486.00

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Amazing skin care brand

I am absolutely in love with this brand! The entire set is great. I especially love the exfoliating scrub & moisturiser. I love that the ingredients lists are small & there is an emphasis on natural products.

Jonathan Tang

COLLECTION SET - Complete routine (Save 20%)

Healthier skin

I started using FlowerSpice products 5 months ago. I noticed an immediate improvement within a few weeks - my skin was smoother and more even toned. I stopped using a topical prescription medication to see what would happen. I used to help my manage my eczema, but I don’t need it any more. I’m so grateful I can have healthy skin that is not inflamed, thanks to these products! And on top of that, the scents are amazing. I have always been inconsistent with my night time routine, but the smell of the midnight serum motivates me to wash my face every night so I can put it on. Thank you!

Katarina Dobranovic
Wonderful products

As I was using Clinique for the past 15+ years, I first chose the sample bundle and tried out all the products. I wasn't sure how my skin would react however, I was very pleasantly surprised. It looked fresh, nourished and radiant. The products also have a lovely fresh and healthy scent. So, after the trial I have happily treated myself to a complete routine collection set.

Amazing, soothing and nourishing

I was gifted the whole collection. I have been using the range for about half a year now and I absolutely love all the products! It is hard to choose, but my favourite combo is Instant Glow, which transforms my skin in minutes, leaving it plump and fresh with the Midnight beauty serum which nourishes it through the night. And with the magic scent, any product gives me the feeling of relaxing, luxurious pampering whenever I'm using it.