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Where it all began

From a young age I had always had a passion for nature and wellbeing. So, after 15 years of working in fashion and marketing I decided it was time to combine them in a way that would not only serve my life, but others too. It all started by learning about organic skincare science and experimenting with formulations in my kitchen!

The power of spices

As I formulated products I pondered “If spices are so beneficial for the body when we eat them, what might their potential be for skin?” My research revealed that spices mainly come from roots and seeds, representing the powerful core of the plant. Packed with volatile compounds, vitamins, minerals and lipids, I discovered their ability to address many different skin concerns, while at the same time exuding a deep and sensual aroma.

Home laboratory

I sought to learn everything I could about natural beauty, to the extent of setting up a small home laboratory. Here I could create products that would harness the power of scent to transport the senses, nourishing the skin and mind through a delicate balancing of ingredients and textures. At this point it was still just to appease my own curiosity and discover what worked for my own skin.


Midnight Beauty serum

During this time, I created what I coined my “magical potion”, a formula I fell completely in love with for its gentle, natural scent and remarkable capability to transform my skin in just a few days. My skin was deeply nourished and soft-to-touch, and I felt my secret was too transformative not to share. So, with a product I truly believed in I set up Flower and Spice.  


The search for the perfect manufacturer

On a quest to make the best skincare possible that I was proud to put my name to, I partnered with an incredible family-owned laboratory in Switzerland. Like me, the team were passionate about ensuring the highest quality standards, evidenced by their CSE – a Certified Sustainable Economics Standard certificate.


The launch

In June 2018 I officially launched our online store. In the beginning we had only three products, but their popularity meant Flower and Spice’s journey was only just beginning…


A year of growth

Praise from beauty editors and customers alike soon meant we were shipping our products to more than 50 countries around the world. The demand also allowed us to partner with 14 international retail stores in our first year, a number which has continued to increase.


Giving back

As our dream continued to unfold in a way I never could have imagined, I decided it was time to start giving back. Along with giving a portion of Flower and Spice’s revenue to, a charity that empowers women from third-world countries to start and grow their own business, we created our Woman 2 Woman campaign. 

Still growing!

We continued to grow our team slowly and intentionally. As the pandemic became more manageable, we opened our first official offices and welcomed new members to Team Flower and Spice.


Two new products

By now we have launched 2 more products, an essence, and a mask and two more are in the development stage! I am very excited to show my new creations soon!


Welcoming the spa and wellness market

2021 also saw us enter the luxury spa and wellness market, where we were delighted to start selling Flower and Spice to professional salons. We also began to work with two larger distributors in China and Switzerland, which in turn opened up lots of possibilities for expansion.


A new look for our packaging

To complement our continued growth, we have spiced up our packaging with an exciting new look. We hope you’ll join us as we embark on this exciting adventure, by keeping your eyes peeled here and on our social media pages. Stay tuned!