Customisable Clay treatment with Panax Ginseng 100ml / 65g  
*Special edition - Made in The Netherlands 

- detoxifies the skin

- smoothes the skin surface

- reduces inflammation and brightens the skin

Indulge in a spa-like ritual to honor face and skin and usher it into radiant harmony. With a blend of mild yet highly effective clays, flowers and spices, Beauty Masquerade Customisable Clay Treatment lift the senses with an intoxicating aroma of citrus and spice as it gently removes blackheads and impurities, revealing a complexion aglow with restored balance. Soothing Rhassoul Clay detoxifies pores without drying skin as White Kaolin Clay whisks away dullness, leaving even sensitive skin petal-soft and smooth. Youthful luminosity is reclaimed with Hibiscus—known as the “Botox plant”—which improves skin elasticity, evens the look of skin tone, and delivers powerful antioxidants. Anti-inflammatory Turmeric Root reduces redness, calming blemishes, and skin upset as it brightens the dark spots that come from sun damage.

The star ingredient Panax Ginseng delivers powerful anti-aging properties to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while balancing and brightening skin.

Formulated to be customisable to address skin’s evolving needs, Beauty Masquerade elevates your skincare ritual to a luxurious, transformative experience.


To use


Mix one part dry mixture with the liquid of your choice to form a lightweight paste. Apply and enjoy the cooling sensation on your skin. Wash off with warm water when treatment begins to dry. Follow with your favorite Flower and Spice moisturizer.

Note: A clay mask should not be left on the skin until it becomes dry and flaky. This can result in the skin becoming dry, dehydrated and irritated. If you want to prolong its action, you can add moisture with spraying it with water or hydrating mist, during the treatment. 

Customizable recommendations: For a detoxifying treatment, mix with water. To the water mixture you can add honey or kombucha to tone skin; to refresh and calm the skin, add a small amount of yogurt, squashed fresh fruit (avocado, strawberries...) For an extra indulgement, add a few drops of our Midnight Beauty serum. Equally beneficial for dry and oily skin.


Montmorillonite (Rhassoul Clay)*, Kaolin (Kaolin) Clay*, Colloidal oatmeal (Oat), Prunus amygdalus Dulcis (Almond) seed extract*, Maltodextrin, Zea mays starch, Curcuma (Turmeric) longa root powder*, Panax ginseng (Ginseng) root powder*, Theobroma cacao (Cocoa) seed powder*, Glycyrrhiza glabra (Licorice) root powder, Calcium carbonate, Mentha citrata (Lemon Mint) leaf extract*, Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary) leaf oil*, Hibiscus sabdariffa (Hibiscus) flower extract*, Cymbopogon flexuosus (Lemongrass) oil*, Piper nigrum (Black Pepper) seed oil* 


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Turn your skin into silk

I love this product! Firstly, the packaging is absolutely astonishing and hence it was a love at first sight. But too often we fall for the looks and once we get to know the content, the crush is over. In this case, it was a life lasting love. After using the product, all the dry skin was gone leaving me with a silk feel. Highly recommend!


I love to play around with this powder. I usually add a bit of essence or honey, honey keeps it from drying to quick. Make sure you add the right amount of water, so its spreads well. I love the citrusy smell too.

Clara W.
An elegant clay mask with purposeful ingredients

This isn't your standard clay mask - it feels elevated, luxurious, and is formulated with a beautiful blend of skin-loving ingredients. I love the beautiful glass packaging and design, the subtle but aromatic scent of the tumeric and spice, and the way my skin looks after I use this mask. For me, mixing and using this mask fees like a beautiful sensory experience.

Make sure to not leave the mask on for too long. I find that it dries quickly - I accidentally left this mask longer than intended at first, which left my skin looking red and irritated (my fault for not paying attention). But once I removed it before it became dry, I noticed a much better difference.

Get it you will not regret it

This mask is the real deal.
I had used the flower and spice face cream on a previous Boxwalla box and enjoyed it but I think I prefer the mask so much more and hoping it gets picked up again as it is a lush product and a clay mask game changer! No surprises there, I do love a good mask.

I first used the product with water and found that it dries really quickly but leaves the skin really bright and smooth. Karmen, kindly gave me the recipe that would be the best way to use this mask. Mix the mask with water, activate it and then add honey. Like the nincompoop I am I did mess up the recipe and the ratio a bit but definitely a yes with the honey. The mask dries alot slower and it leaves the skin smoother and brighter. I also found that any breakout that I had were diminished and had shrunk overnight.

The biggest takeaway was when I used it the night before and I woke up the next day to noticeable bright skin. Totally forgot I has used it and kept trying to think what was so different this morning that had such an effect on my skin, mind you it was the weekend.Then, I realised it was this majestic beauty and I was frankly blown away.
I kept thinking wow it’s been a good whirl and I had actually noticed that my skin was really bright without having to conscious check the results later.
So if there was any doubt whether you should be using this product or not then I would say, YES!
I read a comment below someone saying it smelled like curry- well from an actual culturally curry eater I would have to say it does not smell anything like the curries I eat. The tumeric and hibiscus maybe what give the mask a curry type fragrance but I found it quiet floral to be honest.

Kapek Lio

BEAUTY MASQUERADE - customisable clay treatment Hibiscus & Turmeric 100ml / 65g *

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