The boredom chasers

March 28, 2020

The boredom chasers

As we are spending a few more weeks in the house, we decided it was time to do something about it. The house is clean, the lunch is prepared, the children are as independent as possible in their daily schoolwork, and we can't wait for the Saturday to get dressed up and have a date night in the home kitchen.

But everything aside, let us not forget that we also have the opportunity to do whatever we have not found the time or will to do earlier. We searched through the Web to find some great examples that can enrich your every day.

These are the proposals we like and hope you will find something that suits you.


A gym that doesn't take up much space, and puts out just enough water for you to eat another piece of banana bread.

Brain food

So many books and so little time; now you have time to spare. Take a look at the online library where you can download both Pulitzer and Nobel Prize winners and quench your intellectual side.


And, of course, what is life without good music or talks about technology, comedy, society, sports... You can listen to anything you desire, we do it during our lunch preparation, and we love it.

Sunday fun - W2W Talk

As a part of the Woman2Woman Campaign, we created W2W Talk. Every Sunday at 8 PM CET, we will talk to inspiring women.

We will talk about the hot topics and the topics that form our well-being. We kindly invite you to become part of our movement that celebrates womanhood, our attitude towards life, and our unstoppable power to thrive.

You can join us live in a video broadcast, ask a question, and have a laugh with us.

And don't worry, in case you miss our live session yesterday, you can always watch it HERE.

Do not miss our first episode today! Welcome to join us with a glass of whatever you want:).

Stay tuned; in the coming weeks, we are preparing some content that will entertain, encourage, and inspire. 

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October 07, 2020

As the International Mental Health day approaches we would like to acknowledge the issue. The blog posts also includes a short list of things that might help you when anxious or just need to get rid of stress.

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A sandy beach with a pile of washed up trash

September 23, 2020

Enviromental pollution is a term that combines a variety of types of pollution. 
These are air, light and noise pollution, but let's not forget all the trash around in our enviroment.

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An autumn day just for you
An autumn day just for you

September 05, 2020

Autumn is here. Summer holidays are over. School started.
Days are getting shorter, colder, it’s raining more often.
The talk of the global pandemic and economic recession is all over the news.

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