The Family Lockdown

March 22, 2020

Picture of a family

We found ourselves in a time when in addition to all the usual emotional states, we are deeply concerned with freedom.
This time it is not the freedom taken from many women or races this time it's about freedom of mobility. Until recently, after a weekend full of strife, we could hardly wait to get back to work on Monday, now we are bound to face our loved ones in the same place. Since the new situation requires a lot of planning and strength, we put together some useful tips.

Maintaining a routine will be important but it need not be strict. Routines are critical if you want to stay balanced.
Every family member should hold with their morning habits or create new ones and stick with them. Morning greetings, bathroom routines, a family breakfast without a rush, a hug, and maybe a conversation about what anyone would do today is a good start of the day.
Children need to understand that they are not on vacation, and we need to help them practice their work habits.

Picture of a family

At a time when we are trying to live in balance, the worry of our children must not be neglected. We need to talk openly and appropriately to their age about the situation. We have to take into account their emotions and fears and also talk to them about our own needs. In this way, we are forming a bond of trust that will grow stronger with each passing day.

Try to find a sporting activity that will resonate with you; yoga, twister, hopping, stumbling block or something now stay-at-home coaches offer online. Practice together every day for at least half an hour; it will reduce your stress level and the accumulated energy.

In the beginning, you will want to watch everything you've missed; tv shows for which you have not had time before, movies, documentaries, you will follow social media a lot waiting for new information to calm you. But at one point, you will have to put aside anything that causes you stress. Start reading again, if not for you, do it for your children. The love for books is one of the most beautiful bonds between children and parents, and don't forget; today's reader is tomorrow's leader.

In addition to the time you will now spend with your family, you will also need time for yourself, and this goes especially for women. Plan for some "Me" time; a time to relax in the spa with your favorite music, a time to put on a beauty mask, because you won't give up on your skincare routines, a time to listen to the birds singing in silence, or watch a blooming tree. The time it takes to calm down and recharge yourself with positivity.

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Whenever you feel overwhelmed or scared, just close your eyes, stop with everything you do or think, and just breathe. Breathe - in life and breathe - out fear as long as it takes for you to calm. You've got this, and we got you.

Stay tuned; in the coming weeks, we are preparing some content that will entertain, encourage, and inspire. 

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