Something in the way you move

January 26, 2020

Picture of Asian woman streching

Imagine you have one day per week to yourself. You wake up and the first thing you do in the morning you go for a long walk. At work, you drink matcha and make sure you don't have any meetings that day. After you come home, you take a few minutes of rest, close your eyes and listen to the silence. Then, you head to the gym. You train hard and only think about how grateful you are to your body. At home, you pour yourself a bath, fill it with rose petals, eucalyptus leaves, and lavender oil. You apply a Flower and Spice Beautiful Masquerade mask on your face and enjoy the moment and scents.
After a bath, it's time to read some pages of a good book and you realize how perfectly happy you are with yourself.
A day per week like this is something we would all cherish.
But what we noticed is the feeling of pampering after a good workout. That's why we took a closer look at a little different exercise, and we picked the ones that honor the female body and encourages you to feel good about it.

Gyrotonic is a unique system of exercise that incorporates movement principles from yoga, dance, gymnastics, swimming and t' ai chi. Central to this is the Gyrotonic Expansion System or GXS. Usually made as part of a wooden frame, this set up allows the exerciser to strengthen their muscles via a specific exercise, incorporating circular and spiraling movement patterns. It is these that are said to increase joint mobility, particularly in the spine.

Picture of a woman stretching

Ballet for adults
Yes, it is possible to fulfill your childhood dream. No matter the age, you can begin with your ballet classes almost in every city. The beginner's courses cover the basics of ballet technique for anyone wishing to improve posture, flexibility, strength, coordination, and

Picture of ballet

Touted as "your happy workout," Doonya is a new workout regimen that uses Bollywood dance moves to crank up your heart rate and burn fat while putting a big smile on your face. Doonya is suitable for beginners as well as more

A mutual love of fitness and music inspired a full-body "cardio jam session" that combines drumming with fitness techniques from other disciplines like Pilates and aerobics to burn calories and build strength and stamina. Holding lightweight exercise drumsticks called Ripstix, participants pound out rhythms from rock to dubstep in an interval-style sequence that raises then lowers the heart rate for the ultimate fat-burning workout.

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