The one that makes you feel like goddess

January 18, 2020

Picture of Flower and spice products with mortar and planet nearby

Flower and Spice skincare encourages you to create rituals, which are in tune with your soul.
Mind your diet, wear clothes from natural fibers, drink water and if possible, spend more time in nature. Take time to pamper yourself often and meticulously take care of your skin.
Unveil your natural beauty by using only the best organic products, make your skin glow every day.
In our line, we are offering a collection of delicate and precious ingredients. Some of them were used and cherished from ancient times. The ones that complement not only your complexion; but also work as aromatherapy. That is why we added a new product to our family – Beauty Masquerade, a customisable clay treatment to put a cherry on the top of your skincare ritual.

What happened when I first tried Beauty Masquerade? (By Petra)

»When I first got the BEAUTY MASQUERADE mask and looked at the flask, it put me back to my childhood (I used to play with the flasks like this). At first, I almost didn’t want to open it. I removed the string and opened the bottle. I did it slowly and enjoyed every move. After that, I just stood in my bathroom and carefully smelled the powder. It was earthy and fruity and fresh. Then, I took a ceramic spoon, which I have never used before since I thought it was just something pretty I needed to have (for a special occasion like this one) and took quite a bunch of powder out and put it into a pretty bowl where I mixed the mask with some warm water until I got a smooth paste. The scent took me back to my happy place in Bela Krajina, a small area in Slovenia where I find my peace. Me laying on the grass surrounded by wildflowers and fruit trees. The memories are all about the smell. It was like a mental aromatherapy that made me calm and happy. After the mixing procedure, I left the mask on my face for about 10-15 minutes then I washed it off. I was blown away again. My paper-thin skin felt smooth and looked luminous. I finished the routine with Midnight beauty serum. The truth is since I started to use Flower and Spice I stopped using foundation because my skin doesn’t need it anymore. And yes, It makes me feel like a natural woman.«

Maybe is time to acknowledge, beauty might be only skin deep, but girl, that skin is glowing.

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