The ancient duo; mortar and pestle

February 02, 2020

Picture of herbs being crushed in mortar

The beautiful and handy tool has been used for food and medicinal use for thousands of years and is one of the most commonly used products in the world.

First dating was described on papyrus from Ancient Egypt back in 1550BC on the oldest discovered preserved piece of medical literature. Thousands of years ago, mortar and pestles were used for grinding of spices. They were also commonly used in Egypt for the grinding of cosmetics. Mortars and pestles are also mentioned in the Old Testament – and are an essential tool of civilizations everywhere.

They are unique, and the design remained unchanged over the last 10,000 years.

This was the reason we put two and two together and mortar and pestle are now one of Flower and Spice essential accessories. Prepare your new Beauty masquerade mask with the porcelain duo, protect your hair with the soft cotton FS band, and prepare your face for a treatment used for thousands of years.

Enjoy the minutes of ancient tradition and calming scents.

 *Fun Fact: In Slavic Folklore, Baba Yaga is depicted as a hag who flies around in a mortar, using the pestle as a rudder!

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