My funny Valentine

February 06, 2020

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Well, well, well the most sugar-coated day in February - Valentine's Day has some pretty dark origins.
Ancient Romans celebrated this feast from Feb. 13 to 15. Men sacrificed animals and then whipped women with the hides of those animals. They were all drunk and naked and women would line up for those brutal men, believing this would make them fertile.
All these celebrations included a matchmaking lottery in which young men drew the names of women from a jar. The couple then coupled during the festival or even forever if that was their destiny.
It's like a horror story but we are very interested in our history, especially when connected with mass appreciation.

So this Valentine's day, think of yourself. How fortunate you are to be living right here and now, having all the possibilities in the world. It's fine if you don't cherish Valentine's day and it is fine if you do.
We at Flower and Spice cherish YOU. So we made a special coupling offer of two of our best selling products. The first one is our Rose and Coriander duo with the scents of a beautiful morning, and the second is Beauty Masquerade, with our new family member mortar and pestle. Treat yourself with one or both of them, they both are without a doubt a happy couple.

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