An autumn day just for you

September 05, 2020

Woman walking in the country side

Autumn is here. Summer holidays are over. School started.
Days are getting shorter, colder, it’s raining more often.
The talk of the global pandemic and economic recession is all over the news.
Some of us are starting to feel sad, stressed, irritable, and tired all the time, some crave sugary food and avoid leaving the house.
Our skin feels dry and damaged after all those sunny days of enjoying the beach and endless swimming in the sea or in the pool.
Take one day just for yourself. One calm weekend day. Send your partner, kids, parents, roommates out into the world without you for just one day.
Go For a Walk 
Go for a morning walk, even if it’s raining and you don’t feel like it. Walk through a local park or a nearby forest if you can. Spending time in nature can lower anxiety, boost creativity, and increase physical activity. 
Listen to uplifting music while you walk, may we recommend  some classic pop anthems that will put an extra step into your walk:
Read a Book
In this time, filled with social media feeds, work emails, and newsflash alerts, it feels like there is never enough time to just sit down, relax, and read a good old-fashioned paper book. Take a part of this day to read a new feel-good romance novel or an old classic favorite, slouched in a comfortable chair, with a nice hot cup of tea next to you.
Have a Home Wellness Day
1. Start with Instant Glow Calming Exfoliator and get rid of old dry skin to uncover your healthy and toned skin beneath.
2. Continue with a long, warm bath and apply Beauty Masquerade Clay Treatment
3. The next step is a luxurious, radiance awakening - Midnight Beauty serum.
4. Wash your hair and continue with a regenerative hair mask. Apply that extra thick or heavy body moisturizer or body oil that you usually skip in the morning while dressing for the day ahead. Give extra care to your hands, paint your nails a new, rich jewel-like color. 
Call a Friend
The one you always think about, remembering all the fun you used to have years ago, but then work, marriage, or kids happened and there has never been enough time for a long conversation anymore. Keeping friendships active is important, friends provide joy and comfort, relieve stress, and have in general a powerful impact on our physical and mental health.
Go to Bed Early
You have had a great day, you feel happy, relaxed and recharged. Read some more, but try to avoid electronic devices until the morning. Go to bed early every day, you will need some extra energy to kick around this beautiful autumn leaves! :)

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