Take five

November 02, 2019

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Today you wake up first. Before your children and your partner. Mornings are the most beautiful when everyone else is still asleep. The first week may be hard because you will want to stay in bed a little longer. You will feel tired. But believe us, this will soon be the first and regular routine that will fill you up with energy.

To have enough sleep is very important, so you will have to learn to go to bed early.
Wake up slowly. At this moment, it is only breathing that matters. Deep breathing. Fill your lungs with every inhale and empty your head with every exhale. This morning routine is intended exclusively for breathing. You start by rotating your right ankle seven times in each direction and then repeating with the left one. Slowly. You are breathing. Repeat the same with your hands. And your neck.

Morning routine

Gently, be gentle with yourself.

After gentle movement, it's time to open your eyes slowly. Stand up slowly. Step on the floor with both feet at the same time. Two more breaths, and it's time to head slowly to the bathroom.
The most beautiful part of the morning follows. Your image in the mirror. Wash your face with lukewarm water and gently wipe it with a soft towel.
Take another breath and start the morning routine of applying the cream. At this point, choose a word that will be your silver lining throughout the day. Start your day satisfied.

This is not the time to reflect on the day that is unfolding; this is the time for you. To be exactly where you need to be. At this moment.
Good morning.

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