November 09, 2019

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Your thirst response is not as strong in winter as during the warmer months. That doesn't mean you don't need to drink the same amount of water. It is essential to stay hydrated at all times. When you start feeling thirsty is already too late. Drink throughout the whole day. You can spice your water with some slices of ginger, hot peppers, apples, or pomegranate to bring a bit of autumn into this daily ritual. You can bring water into your body with healthy soups and indulging tea as well.

Eating well, it's just a reminder because we know that you already try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Try to put at least three different colors of ingredients in every meal; green, orange, and red. And despite hearing it all the time, we will say it again; eat as organic and healthy as possible. And try to use local goods. Take time to prepare your meals and eat like french people. Eat slowly with enjoyment and care.

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We usually spent years to find the right skin moisturizer, and when we do, we have to stick to it because of our skin loves routine. You should start with research on your needs and wishes. Our love goes to SOOTHE AND REPAIR DAILY MOISTURISER ROSE & CORIANDER with prickly pear and aloe vera. It is soft and tender, full of essential ingredients suitable for a queen, and it smells like blooming heaven. It will hydrate your skin and prepare it from colder months ahead.

4. (Every)BODY
You can start your day with a morning routine and read about it here.
It's a start, but that is not enough. Find something that makes you calm after your workout. It could be running, yoga, core, fencing, or riding; it might be everyday walks. Practice it at least four times a week. We promise it will make you stronger.

Take time to isolate yourself from the outside world completely. Take five peaceful minutes every day. It's going to be a challenge at first to take it at a point when everything and everyone around you is in chaos. Make yourself a cup of matcha or a cup of organic herbal tea, full of forest and garden goods. Listen to the boiling water, inhale the scents of herbs and slowly take a sip. Listen to your beating heart; you must listen to yourself. Just breathe and release the tension. After that, you will be ready to cope with every situation.

Try to laugh as much as you can. It will release the muscle tension of your face and body and make everyone around you more cheerful.

Apart from drinking plenty of water, this is the most important thing you can do for your skin in the winter. Try to read some inspiring literature before you fall asleep. It will improve your creativity. Try to take at least 8 hours of sleep; you deserve it, and your body needs it to recover.

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