Walks, Talks, Books, and Detox

January 05, 2020

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Oh, hi, January. We've heard you are the happiest month in the whole year, full of promises and resolutions. And it would be nice if it stayed that way throughout all twelve months.
But we all have sinned, and we need to practice our determination every day. In a flood full of January new beginnings, we decided to take a look at four pillars of wholeness. How to take daily care of your body, mind, and soul.

Take a walk on the wild side.
Take your time and go to Forrest. Hug trees, smell the soil and mushrooms touch the moos, listen to water drops and jump over the streams. Do it at least twice a week. It's not only relaxing but also mindful.

Talk the talk
Talk about your fears, your dark moments, your wishes, your lost opportunities, your sorrows, and your happiness. Talk to your friends, lovers, family. And after you will stop talking, start listening. You will find this liberating.
Read before you think.
Take time to read and read at least 20 minutes before sleep. Reading reduces stress, boosts your brainpower, improves creativity, and don't forget that the reader lives a thousand lives.

Eat healthy-er and start with some raw vegetables. Avocado is rich in essential fatty acids that prevent certain unhealthy fats from absorbing, which not only helps promote healthier intestines but also benefits the liver. Broccoli will help protect your body against certain environmental provokers and help you get rid of toxins. Garlic helps boost the liver’s strongest antioxidant — glutathione — which can naturally cleanse the body.
Together they form a perfect bowl of healthy meal and you can enjoy it every day.

It is not about the quantity it is about consistency. So this year whatever little step you decided to do and no matter how hard it seems at times - hold on to it, you can do it.

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