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Top 5 wellbeing resolutions in 2022

Each year we like to start with a clean slate. We set our goals, define small steps to achieve them, and commit to making them happen. If we are consistent, we stay focused for some time. But, although our intentions are genuine and positive, eventually, there comes a time, we get overwhelmed by life.
Days full of back-to-back meetings, helping the kids with their school work, and running errands can throw us off course. And once this happens, you need the extra boost to regain your focus.

That is why we have created a checklist that will help you stay on track or save you time if you lose momentum and want to re-shift your focus back to your wellbeing.



1. Journal at least once a week.

We spend too much time in our heads, mulling things over. Every time you feel frustrated by something, write about it. You will release at least some of the tension you feel by putting thought to paper. But also take time once a week to write about what you are grateful for.

2. Move your body.

A lot has been written about the benefits of movement and exercise. The trick is to find the type that most suits you. Don't fall for the latest hype of activities if it doesn't feel right for you. Instead, do something you know you can stick to in the long run.

3. Minimise the long-term negative effects of sitting.

Most of us spend a lot of our day sitting. If this is part of our lifestyle, the best thing we can do is stand up every hour or so and move our bodies. You can just walk around the room and stretch or do some yoga poses to get the blood circulating. You will be more focused and productive while working if you do this regularly.

4. Find your little piece of nature every day.

There are many ways to connect with nature. You can go on long walks in the woods or by the seaside, you can go to your local park and watch the birds and squirrels play, or plant a flower on your balcony. There is no wrong way to focus on nature around you. Some studies have found that even just listening to sounds from nature can benefit your wellbeing.

5. Slowly but surely, switch to a more sustainable lifestyle.

This is a broad topic, and we have written several blogs about it. We know it can be overwhelming, so start small. Pick an area close to your heart and see what changes you can make. For example, you can start using natural cosmetics with organic ingredients not tested on animals. A small change with a significant impact.



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