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Destiny and destinations

This summer, even more than all the summers before, our hearts are boiling with desires. Wishes to see cherry blossoms again, smell the Mediterranean sea, stare at the sky full of stars, eat well, and put on a sombrero will come true for some time to come, but as wisdom says, dreams are always allowed. Today's Sunday is suitable to share our five favorite destinations that leave indelible memories in us. We embrace them every time we calm down, drink a cup of herbal tea, and exist.
Hvar - the longest and sunniest island in the Adriatic. Origin name comes from Pharos (Lighthouse), a city founded by ancient Greeks and called Stari Grad today -
considered to be one of the most beautiful islands in the world.
Separation from the mainland is not necessarily a bad thing. Stripped of modern civilization like noise, smog, and traffic jams make Hvar an ideal place to connecting man and nature. People of Hvar are full of smiles and hospitality.
Island taverns offer native Mediterranean food like olive oil, figs, fish, and wine. Fishing, tourism, and agriculture are their sources of living, and beside olive trees and vineyards, the island is famous for numerous lavender fields.
The capital city - also called Hvar, can be found on the west part of the island surrounded by many small islands that together form a unique natural beauty, also protects its inhabitants from heavy storms and uninvited guests in the past.
In ancient times this was the port and shelter for many merchant sail ships traveling to the Middle east.
Hvar is a well known jet-set destination known as Croatian Saint Tropez.

Picture of boats in water and buildings in background

Fields of lavender, sunflowers and olive trees. A slower pace of life – a Sunday lunch under the shade of plane trees in a village square, a café crème at a sidewalk café, or a long walk through a forest of oak and chestnut trees. All of this is Provence.
However, this is a vast region of contrasts and connections. Of snow-topped mountains and delightful sea resorts, of shepherds and yacht captains, of cork oak and palm trees, of a simple beef stew and an elaborate bouillabaisse.
Provence hides its complexity under a veil of simple delights. It is home to the red colors of the Esterel mountains, the taste of tapenade, the scent of rosemary, the cadence of the Provençal accent, and the mistral, the wind that blows down from the Alps.
In Provence, time does not exist. Only wine, cheese plates, scarfs, and endless afternoons. Calming and charming.

Picture of lavender in focus and blur woman in background

Kanazawa - one of the long-overlooked jewels of Japanese tourism, although not by the Japanese, who visit in droves.
Its relatively remote location, which has perhaps unfairly contributed to it attracting so few foreign tourists. However, for those travelers who want to see probably the best-preserved major Edo-period city in the country (along with Takayama), it is hard to beat.
Kyoto's offerings of temples and shrines are all very admirably, but Japanese history and culture are not just about them. The samurai, the merchants, the geisha, and the lords have all left their mark on Kanazawa in a compact, easily manageable central area.
Kanazawa is part of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network as a City of Crafts and Folk Art. With the opening of the Hokuriku Shinkansen from Tokyo in 2015, the number of foreign tourists increased significantly. As the influx of foreign tourists has been recent, English language ability tends to be much more limited than in the likes of Kyoto and Nara, but locals will go the extra mile to help you out.
Don't leave here without seeing the gold leaf craftsmen at work. Many of them are over 90 years old and still putting in a full day's work!

Picture of park

Slovenia is one of the 20 most beautiful countries in the world. In the first place is Scotland, while Slovenia is in the center in the 11th place. Small but mighty, adorned with mountains, forests, lakes, shores, old towns, friendly people, and good food.
Slovenia is proud of its green character, countless possibilities for active retreats, and wealth of healthy waters, re-energizing everything and everyone in the country between the Alps, the Mediterranean Sea, the Pannonian Plain, and the mysterious Karst. You can enjoy the flavors of 24 gastronomic regions and 14 wine districts, over 10,000 kilometers of well-marked hiking trails, and 8,000 kilometers of cycling routes. People are pleasant and friendly, but it could be that we are just a little bit bias – and Slovenia is also a home of our founder Karmen. It is the only country in the world that also has love right in the middle of the name.

Picture of lake with surrounding mountains

Forests of columnar cacti spread across the 145,255-hectare area on the border of Puebla and Oaxaca states, is also home to endangered wildlife like the royal eagle. There are 141 species of birds living in the area, and 3,000 species of vascular plants such as agave, yuccas, and oaks.
In this area, archaeologists have traced proof of the early domestication of crops, including pumpkins and chiles.
It is a fascinating place to spend time, see rock paintings, graves, and citadels from the Neolithic period. It is crazy to think that people survived in such a seemingly inhospitable environment without any modern technology. You will be able to get some great photos of the cacti forests and the spectacular landscape. There are walking trails through some of the areas, and you don't need any special gear apart from a decent pair of shoes and lots of water. What fascinates us is that you can see a prickly pear (used in our midnight beauty) in all its beauty in its natural habitat.

Picture of cactus plants

There you have it our five favorite spots on earth - until now. Enjoy your summer and remember - wherever you wander, stay wanderlust.

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