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Mojca Fatur: "Only you are the master of your reality."

Mojca Fatur is an actress and writer of children's books who inspires people with her art, personal story and general approach to life. When she was four, she was diagnosed with aplastic anaemia and, in adulthood, shortly after giving birth to her third child, with myelodysplastic syndromes. This has had a massive impact on her life, but Mojca is a fighter, and with her dedication and unwavering will, she successfully got her health back on track and self-healed an incurable disease. 

In this interview, she shares her approach to everyday life to make the best of each day. She explains how she cares for her mind, body and soul and gives valuable advice for how to (re)connect with your body. 

If you look at your life and how you have evolved over the last ten years, how would you say you have changed? If at all.
During this time, I became a mother for the third time, was diagnosed with an incurable disease that I successfully self-healed, resigned from the theatre I worked at, and I could go on and on. I experienced many transformative moments and situations that shaped me into the woman I am today. I am much more anchored in myself. Internal priorities crystallized during that time; I became softer, more fluid, and, therefore, stronger. My tolerance for bullshit has decreased drastically over the years.

What was the best personal and professional advice you have received?
You are not gifted with any talent just for your own pleasure. It is your duty to share your gifts with the world.

From a creative standpoint, who or what has been your biggest inspiration and influence?
Everyone who dares to live their authentic essence, who lives life to the fullest and does not care about the opinions of others, who is bold, spontaneous, curious, and creative. It is impossible for such a person not to move something and set it on fire inside you.

Where or what is your happy place? How do you find peace (of mind)? Has this changed over the years?
My happy place is that place inside me where my inner peace shines. This space is light, bright and loving. It is a state where all expectations fall away and give the stage to the beating of my heart. Sometimes, a few conscious breaths are sufficient, sometimes a relaxing massage with a nurturing touch, sometimes a witty chat with a friend and sometimes watching the clouds.

Do you have any rituals? A morning routine or something you do daily, weekly, or monthly to stay in the flow and maintain balance in life.
Every morning, I go for a walk in the forest with my dog ​​Olivia for 2 to 3 hours. The phone stays in the backpack. Instead of music and podcasts, I prefer to listen to the awakening of nature - birds singing, the hum of the wind, the rustling of leaves... I hug a tree, soak in the sun's rays, and above all, I just am. At the point between an inhale and exhale, in the here and now. I descend from my head into my heart.

How do you take care of your body, mind and soul?
I take care of my body with fresh, wholesome food, movement in the fresh air, quality sleep and sufficient hydration. I clear my mind with meditations and mindfulness practices, and I strengthen it with quality literature that quickly shakes my mental constructs and expands my inner horizons. I pamper my soul with long walks in nature, hot baths, scented oils, incense, candles and everything beautiful, which lifts my spirit into the arms of invisible forces.

How do you take care of your skin?
I make sure to clean thoroughly every night. Then comes the moisturizing essence, followed by the cream and finally the oil elixir. It is important to me that the products are natural and, if possible, of organic origin. It is also important to me that they are not tested on animals and are packaged in recyclable packaging. But all this is just the icing on the cake. Healthy and radiant skin reflects one's healthy and radiant inside world. That's why I take care of regular and deep sleep, fresh and nutritious meals, movement in the fresh air and enough rest. It may sound crazy, but with whom and how you spend your free time is also essential for beautiful skin. I hang out with the people dear to me and immerse myself in books, movies and shows that inspire me.

What is your guilty pleasure?
Chocolate! Dairy-free, sweetened with coconut sugar or stevia.

What advice would you give yourself at the age of 20?
Don't put off what you can do today until tomorrow. Life energy flows and creates all the time. By stopping this process, we inadvertently interrupt the flow of life within our lives. Above all, open your heart wide, love, create, and travel! Don't let your surroundings limit you with beliefs about what is possible and what is not. Only you are the master of your reality. Never take anything for granted! And always look at life with deep gratitude.

Is there any book you love and recommend people to read?
I love books, so it's hard to recommend just one. They have been my faithful companion for as long as I can remember. Some can lull me into the dream world of imagination, some pull me into the depths of my inner worlds, some awaken the foolery in me, and others wisdom. Each book contains keys that unlock the treasures of dormant knowledge or long-forgotten pearls within us. Books are, in fact, the truest treasure chests.

Can you share one piece of wisdom with our community, something that you have gained in your life that will encourage women reading this to find strength and inspiration? Something that has helped you in the most challenging moments.
Your body is your microcosm, which you yourself built in a black hole during pregnancy. Therefore, regardless of what doctors, friends, relatives, or anyone else tells you, only you have the instructions for its optimal functioning. If you have forgotten the language in which the instructions are written, learn it. Study them over and over and start taking them into account. You are capable of so much more than it seems at first glance. Trust and miracles will begin to happen to you!



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