Woman 2 Woman campaign - introduction

October 04, 2019

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At Flower and Spice we want to build a community with no expectations. Only with the stories of women who managed not to lose themselves in the growth process, but managed to get stronger with each fall. Not for others, but for themselves.

We would also like to share parts of your stories. Your daily, weekly and monthly rituals.
With short interviews, the stories would address the modern woman. We would like to succeed in creating a movement. A movement that will allow all women, without feeling guilty, to devote a few minutes a day to themselves. Above all, we want everyone to understand that there is always peace in the midst of the greatest chaos. And then, at that time, the moment to yourself is even more important. 

Love, Karmen


Giving back to the community

We think that giving back to the community is a must when you are growing your business. We, entrepreneurs, we need to be an ambassadors of responsibility to the world we exist in. When it comes to sustainability, inclusivity or lifting each other up.

Thats why a part of the revenue from the products sold go for loans via Kiva platform. We empower women from third world countries and help them to start or grow their business. It is important for us to give them initial funds, and when they get on their feet and return the funds, we will increase their value and make further loans.

Our philosophy is simple, everything we take from the planet, we enrich and give back as much as we can.

Check out our lenders profile here https://www.kiva.org/lender/flowerandspice1100

Please join us!

Make a loan, change a life.

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Sense of a woman

Since the world exists, flowers, spices, aromatic plants and countless blades of grass have grown on it. And since we have been in this world, people are trying to find one thing. The one that will give us eternal youth, eternal life. 7,000 years of beauty rituals, that reach back to Persia and all the way to today's Europe. Beauty rituals that are common to all women. Regardless of beauty ideals.

Flower and Spice took the very best from nature. After all, skin is our biggest organ, and everything we put on it, feeds us inside. And so we have fed our bodies for millennia, and have forgotten about our soul in the meantime.

Even though women were a cause for many wars in the history, back in the times when fighting for love was an honorable act, we never really had the same rights as men. We had to fight for our rights all by ourselves.

And then a major turnaround happened. We figured out we can do it. We can have a big family, we can take care of our parents and our husband’s parents, we can make a career, we can have responsibility. At the same time, we are lovable, lovely, beautiful, wonderful, and sometimes fierce. The forty-year-olds tried to live like twenty-year-olds. And men suddenly became our mirror.

But then – collapse. Our bodies, minds, and souls started screaming… I can't take it. I don't want this. I don't know how to do this. I'm tired. 

Because it's too late when we discover we don't have to. We don't need this excessive perfection that others are inclined to. All we need is to find time for peace and quiet a few times a day. Time for us.

This is why Flower and Spice – Modern apothecary is opening its door to the community.

To the community of women who live their lives and are determined that it is time to take care of themselves. For their own sake. 

In the next months, we will jointly look for women who inspire us with their stories. Women who find time for themselves several times a day. Who take a few minutes a day just to get overwhelmed by harmony. Women who harmonise mind, body, and emotion with different techniques. Women who tell us that it is good to grieve, rejoice, get angry, feed the inner child, just observe and accept. First yourself and then the surrounding area.

We want to establish a community of mindfulness. Rituals that reduce stress and help us find what is worth living for. Love.

With the hashtag #woman2womanFS, we will be highlighting moments on social networks that will inspire many.

You are welcome to share them with us. Every tiny moment, a flower, breakfast, sunshine after the rain … everything that has filled you up with energy can be shared with a photo and posted to Instagram. We will be happy to share them. 

The hardest part is getting started. So let's get started today.

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