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Why Switching to Natural Skincare Might Be Worth Your Consideration

Over the past many years, the beauty world has been bombarded with skincare advertising using phrases such as ‘all natural’, ‘non-toxic’, ‘organic’, ‘green’, and a host of others. 

Not only can it feel like an impossible task to navigate and shift through the many claims and strange ingredient names, but it is also both time consuming and fruitless to research the possible hazards of every ingredient in a given skincare product.

While some will try and convince you petrochemical ingredients are dangerous and health hazardous, at Flower and Spice we choose to go natural for other reaosns and to look to science and documented facts.

It’s no secret many ‘tried and true’ products that have been on the market for decades contain some of the ingredients being vilified in the media.

We wanted the whole story and took a long hard look at the information. To be perfectly honest, most of the petrochemical creams that have been on the market contain ingredients unacceptable today are not going to kill you, but are they realy good for your skin? 

The Advance of Green
The reason the green beauty movement has continued to grow and expand over the years is that switching to a greener skincare regime is providing an increasing number of people with a better and more positive experience!

And the results keep them coming back for more.

So, even though that creams with petrochemical ingredients may not be really dangerous, it is probably not offering your skin much more than a thin layer of protection. 

We think skincare is about much more than that.

If you’re applying something to your skin - even temporarily (such as a cleanser), that something should provide your skin with a tangible boost. Your skin should feel nourished, refreshed and renewed.

This is what natural products should provide.

Every Ingredient Should Count
We firmly believe every ingredient in a skincare product should have something to contribute to your skin – even background ingredients such as emulsifiers should add something beneficial to the mix.

And that’s where synthetic and petrochemical ingredients aren’t quite up to snuff.

OK, I’ve Switched - How Fast Will it Work?
If you decide to go green - even with a single product - give yourself ample time to experience whether or not your new product is making a tangible difference.

With many people, one application is enough to create a green convert. With others, it may take a few applications.

In our experience, most people who start green, end up staying green. Forever. 

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