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What is the difference between a toner and an essence?

Although a toner and an essence might look and feel the same, they are two different products, each with its function in the skincare routine. 



Many facial cleansers can compromise the skin barrier because their PH level is often too alkaline, especially soap types of cleansers. That's why it is crucial to bring the skin's PH back to balance, which is what a toner can do. It is usually applied with a soaked cotton pad. 

 The primary purpose of a TONER:

  • rebalance the pH level of the skin after cleansing
  • remove any leftover makeup residue 
  • refresh the skin



Essence is a toner's big sister. Far more active, with a far more important function. Essence usually contains active ingredients that work to improve different skin conditions, nourish, and help serums and cream penetrate deeper skin layers. Its purpose is closer to serum than to toner. We can also use it after a cleanser and skip the toner.

Some prefer to put a few drops of essence into the palms and gently press them into the skin. However, it can be applied using a cotton pad as well.  

The primary purpose of an ESSENCE: 

  • hydration
  • nourishment (depends on an active ingredient - brightening, exfoliating, anti-ageing)
  • enhancement of the rest of the skincare routine



3 reasons to include PRISTINE BRIGHTENING ESSENCE into your skincare routine

Infused with lavender, fennel and 7 bioactive plant extracts 

  • helps reduce the appearance of age spots, discolouration and uneven skin tone
  • increases skin's hydration levels
  • offers antioxidative and anti-inflammatory benefits


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