Argan is native to Morocco where the oil has a history of use as a restorative and reparative ingredient for both skin and hair. The oil has been favored as an aid to minimize acne scarring and to help maintain a fair complexion and skin elasticity. It isn’t without reason argan oil is often characterized as liquid gold. It contains a treasure trove of skincare nutrients and benefits. With over 75% unsaturated fatty acids.
Argan’s components include linoleum acid, oleic acid, palmitic & stearic acids, vitamin E, phenolic compounds (ferulic acid, syringic, and vanillic), triterpenic alcohols, sterols, caretonoids, and more. 

Benefits of Argan Oil
- Regenerative
- Restorative
- Antioxidant
- Nourishing
- Protective
- Helps improve barrier function
- Helps improve microcirculation