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Spice up your life

March 14, 2020

Spice up your life

Spices and herbs have a distinguished purpose for flavoring the food around the world for centuries; the blends of different flavors separate the good and excellent cuisine; however, this is not their only purpose.

We at Flower and Spice use spices for addressing different skin conditions, while the spicy scents also serve as aromatherapy. Our favorites are fennel and coriander seed essential oils.
Fennel is a valuable and treasured appreciation of our products. Fennel is the perfect choice for helping maintain youthful and healthy skin; its natural content of beneficial components includes over 87 active compounds (also known as essential oils), phenolic compounds, fatty acids, and amino acids. And here are some benefits of fennel:
- offers excellent anti-oxidative qualities,
- helps the skin to retain moisture,
- has antibacterial, antimicrobial,
- has anti-fungal properties and many more
- smells heavenly
That is why our INSTANT GLOW EXFOLIATOR is so precious for your skin.

Coriander is among the oldest spice crops in the world and has been cultivated and used since human ancientness. Coriander seeds contain 34 different compounds, making the essential oil a highly complex and multifunctional ingredient. The intoxicating spicy-sweet scent makes it a truly pleasurable olfactory experience.
Benefits of coriander seed oil:
- antibacterial
- anti-fungal
- anti-oxidative
- non-toxic
- stimulant
- anti-inflammatory
- memory booster
- excellent skin tolerance
We love coriander for its amazing benefits and have included it as the star ingredient of our MIDNIGHT BEAUTY, rich revitalising serum and SOOTHE AND REPAIR, daily moisturizer.

Spices, just like flowers, can be extremely expensive and we took a look at the four most praised spices in the world, and found out, the main reason for the price tag, is the labor-intensive harvesting process.

1. Cinnamon
Cinnamon is used both in savory and sweet dishes. This spice comes from the bark of the Cinnamomum tree, which is native to countries such as Sri Lanka, India, and Indonesia. Today, it is used in many countries as a staple spice for many dishes. It can also lower blood sugar levels, reduce heart disease risk factors, and has a plethora of other impressive health benefits.

2. Clove
This spice is popular during the holiday season, but cloves are an essential flavor ingredient in many dishes throughout the world. The clove is native to Indonesia, but it also grows in other countries such as Madagascar, Pakistan, and India. Studies showed that the beneficial compounds in cloves could help promote liver health and may regulate blood sugar.

3. Cardamom
The flavors of cardamom are very strong. Some say that it’s a flavor profile that you have to grow to like; others say that cardamom is delicious. The flavor of this particular spice is quite strong, but in the right amounts, it can turn an ordinary dish or beverage into something special. The compounds in cardamom may help fight cancer cells and may protect you from chronic diseases, thanks to anti-inflammatory effects.

4. Vanilla
Given the fact that vanilla flavors many things, you’d think that it’d be more affordable. Many organizations copy the essence of vanilla to add to dishes, but there is nothing in comparison to some fresh vanilla beans. Fortunately, because of the strength of the spice, you only need very little of the spice to get the flavors across.

Whatever your flavor is, take these pinches of nature in small doses, to spice it up a bit and make it unique.

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