May 02, 2020

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When you realize that you have been saying half of your adult life that you want to spend more time with your family, and then also realize that two months of close contact every day, all day - was enough.
You begin going out of the house for a walk or run. This time without earphones because you want to listen to nature's voice. You feel peace, but also feel that the world is re-awakening, that it has slowly started babbling. Putting on a summer dress, wearing high heels just to make coffee, and you almost crave for the hairdressers to open their saloons. And those days are long; you start rereading fashion magazines, strolling through the online stores of spring collections, and desiring a glass of wine with your friends in the cafe's garden.

We know what you're going through, so we decided to bring some glamour to your home. We have prepared the MINI HOME FACIAL KIT, which will be enough for the week before you spread your wings to freedom. The MINI HOME FACIAL KIT contains three essential pampering products: MINI (Travel size) ROSE & CORIANDER DUO, SOOTHE AND REPAIR daily moisturizer 30 ml and MIDNIGHT BEAUTY rich revitalizing serum 10ml; believe it, you will fall in love. However, since you deserve more, we have added not only one or two but three gifts to the mini home facial kit;

GIFT 1 INSTANT GLOW 5g SAMPLE, calming exfoliator (for one two-time use)

GIFT 2 BEAUTY MASQUERADE 10g SAMPLE, customizable clay treatment (for one-time use)


Take a week for yourself and give your skin a blast.

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