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TRAVEL SET - Mini Rose & Coriander Duo


This mini kit includes travel sizes of our best-selling Rose & Coriander duo. Combine the potent power of our Soothe and Repair daily moisturiser and Midnight Beauty rich revitalising serum and discover moisturised, brighter and healthier-looking complexion. 

This duo will last you long enough for your skin to adapt to and appreciate a new skincare routine. For normal, dry and oily skin types. 

+ gift organic cotton hairband



Apply a small amount of Soothe and Repair daily moisturiser to clean skin morning and evening. Safe for use around the delicate eye area. In the evening, or when your skin needs extra nourishment, follow with  2 to 3 pumps of serum that you gently press onto face and neck. Allow it to sink in throughout the night. Or you can add a couple of drops of Midnight Beauty serum directly to Soothe and Repair cream and apply it to the face and neck area. 

TRAVEL SET - Mini Rose & Coriander Duo


Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews

I love just everything about the products - the concept, the smell, the texture, the packaging, the experience. Although my face skin tends to be oily, especially the T-zone, Midnight serum does wonders to it. I apply a drop or two on my face in the evening, enjoying it's calming aroma and wake up with velvety smooth, perfectly matte skin. In the morning I nourish and pamper it with Rose and coriander moisturizer, waking up with it's gentle yet invigorating smell. The routine are my much needed moments of zen. I'm starting the day energized and sleep better and calmer in the night. Thank you for making my skin better than it ever was!

Parmjit Kaur

This is a beautiful product. Moisturise - Soothe and Repair Cream Midnight Beauty Facial oil. Quality cream & oil and soothing to use. Skin is brighter, clearer and glowing since using Flower & Spice. Wonderful start to my day and ending with a soothing calming facial oil. Created with love and care.

Great product!

It didn't caused any breakouts and it's great for normal to dry skin. I use it before going to sleep and the smell calms you down.

Scented Luxe in great value mini sizes

I opted for the discovery set as wanted to try the products in combination as a daily/weekly routine option. I actually do love the scent of coriander (as a perfumer, along with cardamom, it's one of my favourite scents). The Soothe & Repair Moisturiser was the overall winner for me. I am in the mature skin bracket but really hate thick, overly heavy moisturizers, also because I live in a hot climate. The Soothe & Repair did the moisturizing job well but was wonderfully mattifying and non cloggy. It would be fine in hot weather and under make-up too as it really goes on smoothly, and without leaving a greasy film. A heavenly scented way to start a day! I am now tempted by the fennel-laced exfoliator. Flower & Spice is creating something unique here and I will be back to buy more.

Texture and potency

Although I had my eyes on the Instant Glow calming exfoliator for a while I opted for the discovery set first knowing it would come with a sample of the exfoliator. Although the strong coriander scent isn't my favorite (it has grown on me since), the Soothe & Repair daily moisturizer was an instant hit for its texture: it's just perfect, very luxe. It also took me a few days to get used to the evening primrose strong scent of the midnight beauty oil but the synergy of all the ingredients especially the precious prickly pear seed oil truly made a difference on my skin within days. My favorite is the exfoliator sample: the combination of lavender and fennel essential oils works perfectly, I LOVE it, it's just soothing and relaxing, it gives you a spa like experience, the exfoliation is gentle but effective as well I can see myself using the full size indefinitely. Thanks also for the organic cotton headband. Karmen has created a lovely brand and I want to wish her continued growth and success.